Dear Mother Nature…you can take this snow and shove it!


So…its safe to say, i HATE the snow. I have a ton of stuff to do, the kid is going nuts and wants to play in it, and thats means not only do I have to get dressed like an eskimo in 16 layers of clothing, but it also means i have to dress my little man like an ewok in a thousand layers too. Oh…the JOY of wanting to snuggle inside and play games goes out the window when the whit crap comes down and coats the world. But, i have found a few fun ideas that YOU will enjoy with your little ones too on snow days.


I SWEAR one day i WILL do this…sooo cool.


This i HAVE done. Its looks so beautiful in the crisp white snow, and the kiddo loves it. Bright vivid color on a blank canvas of white…lovely.


This is a blast! I think i liked this more than my kiddo,lol. If its below 30* outside take regular bubbles outside and see for yorself what happens.

I hope you enjoy the few ideas above. Im always searching for more fun outdoor things to do with (  and without (;  ) the little one. Feel free to share these with others as well. Spread the creativity and love for outdoor time with your children. Nature is amazing. And even though i HATE the cold and snow….these are fun ideas that have made even ME get off my butt and outside to play in the snow, and i truly loved it.

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